Interview With The Story So Far (by TSSF Italia)

I nostri amici di The Story So Far Italia hanno avuto il piacere di intervistare Kelen, bassista…

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The Story So Far didn’t have time to worry about the curse of the sophomore slump while recording their second album. They were too busy putting their songs through what guitarist Will Levy [second from right] calls “the mosh test”. “If we’re not moshing to our own songs and singing along, who else is going to want to? he asks. Making sure the energy of their live shows translated to their new album was imperative for the Walnut Creek, California, quintent, so they tapped New Found Glory’s Steve Klein to produce. It’s no secret The Story So Far are huge New Found Glory fans, but Levy admits some of the band members were hesitant to work with someone outside of their core group. “Some of us were really into it, and some of us were really against it, because we wanted to protect out art’s integrity and what we do,” Levy says. “Once we did one song with [Klein], we had this understanding of, ‘We need to keep this guy around; he knowns what he’s talking about.’” Their debut full-length, 2011’s Under Soil And Dirt, proved The Story So Far could write catchy pop-punk songs with passionate lyrics. Now they need to prove they can do it again. Levy isn’t worried. “We’ve spent more time on the music than we ever have before,” he says. “We’re trying new things.”


The Story So Far were recently interviewed and discussed the idea of “pop punk’s not dead.” Check out the full interview here and snippet below by clicking “Read More.”

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» I interviewed Kelen Capener of The Story So Far on Wednesday.


Chat about New Found Glory, the future of punk and the second album lie within.

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» Interview with Parker Cannon

"You guys have had to bring fill-ins on a couple tours because of college. Will this summer mean the end of fill-ins on tours?

Yeah, it does actually. The next tour we go on will be the full lineup of our original members. And this summer will actually be when we write and hopefully record another record.”

» Absolutepunk interview with The Story So Far.

I hung out with the guys at their Glamour Kills tour stop in LA and they were really awesome - would love to share with the TSSF community! :)

Review here!